Rent a Portable Storage Unit

If you've been looking for a low cost, flexible storage solution, then renting a portable storage unit may be just what you need. The main advantages that portable storage offer are unparalleled convenience as well as their comparatively low prices. Portable storage units usually come in 12 and 16 foot models with roll up doors, but companies that offer smaller wood moving and storage boxes are becoming more and more popular. Portable storage can also refer to the larger storage containers (10, 20, and 40 ft) that are often used in shipping and on construction sites as well.

Storage Unit Options

With portable storage units you must choose between two different types of storage:

  • Store on your property - this is the cheaper of the two options and is good for both residential and commercial storage. Units are delivered wherever you need them and once you are done you can call the company and they will pick up their unit.
  • Store in a warehouse - once the unit is delivered, you fill it up and then call the company and they will pick it up and take it to a climate controlled warehouse where it will be safely stored. This option is slightly more expensive because you are paying for space in a climate controlled facility, but it is still cheaper, and more convenient than renting a self storage unit.

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